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Just The Tips: Insights From Mark Tay

By Editorship

Led by the former Editor of Mediacorp Brand Studio, Mark Tay shared his experience and knowledge on how to build a media campaign at a recent introductory workshop. Here are some of his tips.

In the Gap Between Writer and Reader the Novel Comes to Life

By Claire Fuller

Claire Fuller, a British novelist, shares how understanding a reader's behaviour informs her writing. Fuller's debut novel, Our Endless Numbered Days, won the Desmond Elliott Prize and her second is Swimming Lessons.

Just The Tips: Insights From Vanessa Fernandez

By Editorship

Vanessa Fernandez, a veteran radio presenter and podcast host and producer, led an intimate workshop on what it takes to create a podcast. We picked her thoughts on the rising trend of podcasting and what tingles her…

Should You Feel Sad About the Demise of the Handwritten Letter?

By Siobhan Phillips

Siobhan Phillips, an associate professor of English at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, pens her thoughts on the forgotten art of writing a personal letter. Phillips is the author of The Poetics of the Everyday:…

Just The Tips: Insights From The Fashion Panel

By Editorship

From our sold-out panel, Trials and Tribulations of Fashion Media in Asia, we checked in with our panellists, Sharon Lim, Furqan Saini and Titien Wang, and moderator, Terry Ong, on their views on the world of style.

Just The Tips: Insights From Celine Asril

By Editorship

Just The Tips is a series where our trainers share their insights after a session. From yesterday’s sold-out workshop, Intro To Discovering The Umami Of Storytelling, veteran food critic Celine Asril gave a preview into…