Just The Tips: Insights From Mark Tay

By Editorship

Led by the former Editor of Mediacorp Brand Studio, Mark Tay shared his experience and knowledge on how to build a media campaign at a recent introductory workshop. Here are some of his tips.


Just The Tips is a series where our trainers share their insights after a session.
From the workshop, Intro To Building A Successful Branded Campaign, the former editor of Mediacorp Brand Studio shared with us his tips.

What are the trending platforms right now for a media buy?
Social media is still a very strong platform to work with just because of its wide distribution, but what separates a good buy from a great buy is thoughtfulness in format (videos and stories with the right duration and concept) tailored to different target audiences.

Depending on the product, I think Out of Home placements can also lend a refreshing real-world impact if done together with a digital campaign.

What is your thought process when planning a campaign?
Who are we trying to engage and how can they walk away from viewing our content feeling smarter, or just happier, than before they saw it.

I can’t seem to hit my target audiences, how do I find them?
Focus groups can be helpful if budget and time are available. Otherwise social media listening can be something to consider to decipher the trends to get on board with.

Also, just keep adjusting the filter fields in the first 6-12 hours from a content drop to see why sticks.

My budget is not huge, how can I optimise it for my campaign?
Budgets for content can sometimes be small because the results for content marketing is still grey to many brands. I’d suggest choosing the most important key message that the brand is trying to send across and put together an inexpensive piece of content to test the market out. Focus a bit more on the distribution of it and see which platforms perform best.

If it sticks then you’ll be able to go back to the bosses with hard evidence for the need for more budget.

How do I generate higher CTA for my campaign?
Instead of going straight for a hard sell in the CTA (“Buy the new ABC brand thing now!”) perhaps you could go with a something that allows for a bit less commitment from the viewer/reader (“Get a free sample of the ABC brand thing sent right to your door” and ask for their info).

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