Just The Tips: Insights From Vanessa Fernandez

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Vanessa Fernandez, a veteran radio presenter and podcast host and producer, led an intimate workshop on what it takes to create a podcast. We picked her thoughts on the rising trend of podcasting and what tingles her ears.


Just The Tips is a series where our trainers share their insights after a session. From the workshop over the weekend, How To Start Your Own Podcast, veteran radio presenter and co-producer and host of the show A Life Less Ordinary, Vanessa Fernandez led an intimate session on the tools and techniques to launch a show of our own. Here’s a glimpse into Vanessa’s world of podcasting.

How do you keep your listeners engaged?
Give them the most interesting bits and info of value in as concise a way as possible. Be descriptive when telling a story, similar to radio it’s “theatre of the mind”. Be honest, share your emotions — just keep it relevant.

What are some podcasting platforms that are good for beginners and people starting out?
iTunes Podcasts for listeners; Podbean and Libsyn for creators.

What do you do when you hit a roadblock in your research?
Step away and do something else you enjoy. Clear your mind, that’s usually how I enable inspiration to strike again.

Why do you think podcasting is coming back in trend?
In the age of overstimulation, maybe some people will be more patient when something engages their imagination and intellect in a meaningful way? It’s nice to listen and pay attention to something when at the end of it you can feel like you’ve learned something. It’s worthwhile.

What is your favourite podcast right now?
[I’m] gonna shamelessly plug A Life Less Ordinary which features creative and resilient minds from Singapore across a range of industries — from entertainment to fashion and sports to politics and tech. Crazy Rich Asians’ Tan Kheng Hua’s episode was great. Also, check out Vanessa Von Auer on inclusivity in education and an upcoming one we have with Andrew Ing from the Lo & Behold Group. [Not forgetting] farmer Ivy Singh-Lim, the knife-wielding gentle warrior.

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